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Hazelcast Jet 0.6.1 (Latest, stable) — built 03/05/2018

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  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • Docker Docker Icon
  • Cloud Launcher

Get hazelcast-jet-0.6.1.jar with Maven

Copy and paste the following snippet into your build:


Get Hazelcast Jet 0.6.1 with Docker

Pull hazelcast-jet docker image from Docker registry via this command:

docker pull hazelcast/hazelcast-jet

After that you should be able to run Hazelcast Jet docker image by:

docker run -ti hazelcast/hazelcast-jet

Get hazelcast-jet-0.6.1.jar with Gradle

Copy and paste the following snippet into your build:

compile 'com.hazelcast.jet:hazelcast-jet:0.6.1'


Get early access to our latest development release, Hazelcast . (Release Candidate, built )

What's new in

  • More performance
  • More clients
  • More cloud
  • And now persistence

ZIP TAR Release Notes Reference Manual Javadocs

Get it with Docker #

docker run -ti hazelcast/hazelcast:

Hazelcast Jet

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