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Flight Telemetry

Tags:Live FeedStreamingWindowingEvent Time ProcessingEnrichmentAggregationIMDG StorageCustom SourceCustom SinkPipeline API

This demo analyzes the plane telemetry data stream of all commercial aircraft flying anywhere in the world to compute noise levels and estimated C02 emissions for defined urban areas. Results are displayed in Grafana.

There are typically 5,000-6,000 aircraft in the air at any point in time. A Jet job polls real-time information about the aircraft and its position from the ADB-S Exchange service. Multiple measurements are aggregated to detect whether each respective plane is ascending or descending. The stream is enriched with the plane characteristics. Lookup tables for the enrichment are cached in an embedded Hazelcast IMDG Map. Vertical direction, combined with plane characteristics, are used to compute noise and air pollution impact. This information is aggregated for pre-defined urban areas, such as London and Frankfurt, before it’s sent to Grafana for visualization.

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